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Choosing the main character, Arthur (Revelation 1)

Arthur (

Somebody asked me how I had chosen the details of the main negative character, Arthur Harold. It was an interesting question and I’ll answer to it. As you should know, Arthur is an adopted child of the British Royal family and, of course, this is the beginning of the fictional life of this character, that you’ll find out from one of the other characters, Stranger, in conversation with Joshua, later. In fact, this detail was based on one of the Nostradamus quatrains, that affirms about the negative character of Antichrist that he was adopted by his father. Later, he kills his father and he is obsessed by a woman, which everybody believes to be an illusion, like Babylon, in my book. Babylon is the symbol of a city he wants to rule, the symbol of his power, but also a woman he dreams of.

Choosing the adopted country of Arthur had also some limits. As you know, in the Bible, it is a description of the dragon that will rule the world, the symbol of the political power. There, you can see the mention of 10 leaders, representing ten countries, better said, ten democracies. According to Irenaeus of Lyon, a Christian bishop from ancient times, the saint parents interpreted the countries as being ten democracies; in the past, democracies were not very well seen, the power of the people usually brought anarchy. The concept of democracy was different in the past, compared to the present. So, the number of real democracies in the present was rather small and it was clear that only an important country could be similar to the description. The country was also supposed to be in Europe. So, here we have a limited number of 10 countries, with a total of 4 leaders, of whom we can extract the character of the book based on the Bible.


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